Saturday, September 3, 2011

Wonderful First Day in Delhi

We are tired and ready for bed after a long day of sight-seeing.  But it was great to get out and be in the culture here.  Different smells, different ways of driving and walking around, different types of historical sights - yet there are a number of similarities.  For example, our first night in India, after we got to the hotel from the airport, our hosts offered us a light dinner/snack before bed.  They brought us pizza from Pizza Hut - now THAT'S a long trip for a pizza!!  It looked and smelled just like deep dish pizza from back home, except this had a spicy chicken topping.

A couple striking things from today's travels - many of the attractions and museums are religious in nature.  We visited a new temple of the Ba'Hai' faith - a house of prayer for people from all faiths.  And afterwards, we traveled to an Islamic mosque built around A.D. 1200.  All of this was very different from anything we would see in the States.  But still, the truth is people need Jesus everywhere.  Here, it may be competing religions, but in America, it could be competing priorities.  Here there are Hindu temples on every street, in America it may be bars on every corner that fog the truth of God's word...  So, perhaps we can all pray that the voice of the Lord would be clear in every culture - that people would hear it through the noise of the world.

I will add that tomorrow we will be sharing in the dedication service of a new building for a church here in Delhi.  The "new" church has around 1,000 attenders, and normally holds two services.  Several of us will take part in the morning service.  Pray for our impact to be a blessing.

Also, pray for our group's bodies to adjust to the time change - a few are dealing with fatigue from lack of sleep and some stomach trouble.  But Corey and I are fit as a fiddle - which is a blessing!

Praise God for a safe trip here and first day in India!

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