Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Final Preparations and Prayer Time

So, our final preparations are being made.  We're packing today, and tying up loose ends.  It seems that in the last couple days before a big trip - the number of things on my to-do list has grown exponentially.  That was in part due to Hurricane Irene, and some of the clean-up.  My hope is that those of you reading are safe and/or recovering from the storm's damage.  Most people I know have power back now.

Let me invite you to FIF church tonight at 6:30 for our Team India "Time of Encouragement" - a pot-luck dinner and prayer time.  Should last about 90 minutes.

The plan is to depart from the parking lot of Christ's Church on Davenport Farm Rd. precisely at 12:00 noon tomorrow to drive to Norfolk, where our first flight departs.  Thank you all for the encouragement, support, and especially being prayer partners for us.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Getting Ready to Fly

It's only 3 days until we depart on our mission to India.  Final preparations are being made, clothes and personals are being packed.  You're invited to follow our journey here on the Team India blog!  More updates soon!