Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saying Goodbye to CICM Headquarters

First, let me apologize for not getting more posts up for the last few days. Our internet service has been sparse. To recap, our train ride from Bilaspur to Damoh was a real experience for most of us. But even though our train was over three hours late on Wednesday night (Thursday morning), we were warmly greeted. Dozens of students and staff at CICM waited at the train station until past 3 in the morning just to say hello. What a blessing!

The last three days have been spent touring the different departments of the mission, interviewing several of the key leaders, and hearing testimonies from local preachers. Words here will not do these stories justice - several of them are absolutely heart-wrenching and inspiring. The persecution, the courage, and the compassion happening in this ministry is nothing less than amazing. Honestly, I'm still trying to mentally digest all that we've been exposed to - and we look forward to sharing these things with you in the future.

We've also participated in two chapel services and two local worship services here in Damoh. It's amazing the way people worship here.

A little sour news is that all but two of our team have experienced some stomach issues at some point on our trip. Most of us are on the mend, but a couple guys may be staying in Damoh another day just to get normalized. That would mean they will miss our day in Agra (where the Taj Mahal is), but it's better for them to be healthy when we make our final approach to Delhi. We are still set to leave this afternoon by train, to spend all day Monday in Agra, and then return to Delhi by Tuesday evening. Wednesday we will spend in Delhi, and eventually arrive at the airport for our evening flight home. Please keep us in your prayers during the last legs of a very travel-intensive journey.

Pictures to come once we get a better internet signal!

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